Zhengyu Zhang

Address: No.6 Kexueyuan South Road Zhongguancun
Haidian District Beijing,China
Email: zhangzhengyu@ncic.ac.cn
Tel.: +86 15811301868
Skype: freemandealer

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I am a Master student at Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICT, CAS), where I am working on Operating System, High Performance Computing and Graph Computing. My interest lies in low-level systems, both large (server) and small (mobile). The goal of my research is to build efficient systems with innovative features by exploiting operating system and fully realizing the potential of the underlying hardware, and deliver my research achievement to users via cloud and mobile. I am experienced in the cross-layer work of developing software system. You can check my CV here to read more about me and my research. A blog is also maintained to track my learning progress, as well as to share something I consider interesting.

Besides coding, I also like creative drawing. You'are invited to my personal Art Gallery!